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5 Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed

With websites like Indeed making job openings searchable to the masses, employers are getting inundated with resumes. As a job searcher, how do you make sure your resume gets sorted to the top of the pile? You must showcase your talents and qualifications in a format and style that’s easy to scan. Here are 5 ways to get your resume noticed.

1. Stick with a Classic Format

The format of your resume is not a place to get fancy or explore your wild creative visions (unless you are applying for a position in art/design). If you stray from the generic resume format, you risk losing the recruiter’s eyes and attention. The goal of your resume is to highlight your qualifications, education and relevant work experience. The easier you make it to understand, the faster the recruiter can sort your resume into the ‘Yes’ pile--if you’re qualified, of course!

2. Speak the Same Language

Many applicant tracking systems use search algorithms to sort relevant resumes based on keyword matches. To make sure your resume makes the cut, first highlight the key phrases, words and industry language the job posting uses to describe the position. Do these words appear on your resume? If not, integrate them in where they fit. This will help you make it through the initial pass of weeding through the resume pile.

3. Tailor It to the Job

Writing a resume is not “one and done.” You should tweak your resume for every job you apply for. While you might have tons of diverse work experience, you should highlight past experiences that are most relevant to the job posting. Does this position include responsibilities similar to other positions you’ve held? Make sure the connection is clear. The more relevant you are at first glance, the more likely you will make it to the next round.

4. Keep It Clear and Concise

Space is limited on a resume. As the old saying goes, “Don't use a big word where a diminutive one will suffice.” Keep your diction simple, and your verbs strong. Cut the fluff and leave only the substantial points that convey your strengths, impact and passion.

5. Write a Killer Cover Letter

If you really want to get your resume noticed, you absolutely need a solid cover letter to submit with it. Don’t fall victim to the trap: “Cover Letter is Optional.” This phrase really means that the cover letter is optional for people that don’t want the job anyway. Always write a cover letter. Check out our 5 tips on how to Craft the Perfect Cover Letter here.

If you’re qualified for a position, remember that your resume should make it easy for recruiters and the HR department to see that. Keep it simple: stick with the standard format, speak the same language, tailor it to the job, use clear and concise wording and write a killer cover letter.

Got other tips for getting your resume noticed? We’d love to hear about them!

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